Privacy Policy (Cookie)

Soloway takes your privacy seriously. This document applies to non-personal user data that is collected using the cookie mechanism and similar tools.

Soloway uses privacy principles that complies the legislation of the Russian Federation and ethical standards. These principles are recommended by international privacy protection agencies.

Non-personal information collected by Soloway

Soloway may collect information that is associated with a unique user without identifying the user personally. The types of data may include the following:

  1. IP address for geolocation information;
  2. operating system and web browser;
  3. number of views/clicks through the ad;
  4. number of visits of websites, URL of visited websites.

Soloway does not associate collected non-personal data with personal data of users, nor with personal data such as race, religion, sexual orientation.


Soloway may use cookies to collect non-personal information. A cookie is a small text file that a web server can save in a user’s browser when a user visits a site. A cookie is associated with a specific browser on a specific computer. A cookie does not contain information about the name, address, telephone number of the user, gender, age or other personal data with which you can identify the user.

Using non-personal information

The non-personal data collected through the cookie mechanism and similar tools are used by Soloway to ensure the proper operation of the site, as well as the processing of user requests. Soloway has the right to provide third parties with aggregated aggregate information that does not contain personal data and does not allow for the identification of the user’s identity.

Using profile data

Soloway does not collect personal data when a user visits

Changes in this Privacy Policy

Soloway can change this Privacy Policy in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the recommendations of the international privacy protection agencies.

The recent version of this Privacy Policy is available on the website.

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